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Lauren N. Winkler, PhD
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Lauren N. Winkler, PhD received her doctorate from Yale University. As a graduate student in the Department of Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology, Lauren used a broad repertoire of genetic and molecular techniques to interrogate the mechanisms through which noncoding RNAs regulate the transcription of genes in the p53 tumor suppressor network. Her experimental toolkit included gene editing technologies, ribozymes, antisense oligonucleotides, RNA interference, CRISPR activation and interference, and single molecule fluorescence microscopy.

Before attending graduate school, Lauren was a research assistant in the Yale University Department of Chemistry, where she investigated the function of a newly discovered micropeptide in RNA degradation. As part of her work, she implemented several techniques, including protein expression and purification, as well as functional activity assays.   

Prior to joining McNeill Baur PLLC, Lauren worked as a scientific consultant for Janssen Pharmaceuticals, where she utilized her scientific training to evaluate the suitability of raw materials being introduced into the Janssen supply chain.


Select Publications

Functional elements of the cis-regulatory lincRNA-p21,” Cell Reports 29(3): 110687 (2022) (coauthor).

A mechanistic view of long noncoding RNAs in cancer,” WIREs RNA, coi:org/10.102/wrna.1699 (2021) (coauthor).

The p53 transcriptional response across tumor types reveals core and senescence-specific signatures modulated by long noncoding RNAs,” PNAS 118(31):e2025539118 (2021) (coauthor).

A human microprotein that interacts with the mRNA decapping complex,” Nat Chem Biol 13: 174-180 (2017) (coauthor).




US Patent and Trademark Office



Yale University

PhD, Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology, 2021


Harvey Mudd College

BS, Molecular Biology, 2014