Our Team

We love what we do! We practice high value, strategic patent prosecution and client counseling, in a smaller firm environment. We work with some of the best and brightest innovative clients at the cutting edge of biotechnology and chemistry. Our attorneys are nationally recognized leaders in life sciences patent prosecution and counseling, and the firm has been highly ranked for Patent Prosecution, Technology & Innovation, Wellness, Diversity, and Quality of Work.


Rebecca M. McNeill
Amelia Feulner Baur, PhD
Rebecca B. Scarr, PhD
Elizabeth A. Doherty, PhD
Mary R. Henninger, PhD
Adam M. Breier, PhD
Deborah M. Herzfeld


Mary E. Chlebowski, PhD
Hojung Cho, PhD
Heidi A. Dare
Eileen J. Ennis
Julie L. Heinrich, PhD
Lara C. Kelley
Victoria S. Lee
Arie M. Michelsohn, PhD
Amy E.L. Schoenhard
Rachel M. Slade, PhD


Lauren V. Blakely
Michael P. Ellenberger
Shazi Jiang, MD
Sarah C. Kelly, PhD
Dorothy Du LeRay
C. Alex Shank
Michael Liu Su
Genevieve L. Weber, PhD


Jane Kuzelka, PhD
Kate Prybylowski, PhD
Poh K. Teng, PhD
Keun-Young Park, PhD
Lauren N. Winkler, PhD


Jennifer Arguelles
Rachel A. Ashton
Deborah Barragan
Nicole Conway
Christine A. Donahue
Charity Dunn
Sarah Forsse
Alyssa C. Hicks
Stephanie Hogan
Mycklena Kosloski
Catherine B. Langlais
Dawn MacPherson
Michelle C. Manning
Juliana H. Merlino
Molly L. Morris
Amy L. Whitaker
Angela Zontelli


Erin Hodge
Susan L. Statz
Catherine A. Van Houten
Michelle H. Stoeckel
Yonas Gebrekidan
Leah Landry
Jeanne A. Laszewski, CPA
Renata A. Lukasiewicz
Jennifer (JJ) Matlock